Maddy Cronin ‘20 Q&A

We sat down (virtually) with girls soccer player and senior Maddy Cronin to talk to her about her beginnings in the sport and how she’s staying prepared while on lockdown.

War Eagle Watch: When did you get started playing soccer? What drew you to the sport?

Maddy Cronin: I have played soccer ever since I can remember. Similar to a lot of young kids, I was put into the sport by my parents. Obviously, there is no resentment held there because I continued to play, and love every minute of it!

WEW: What’s been the highlight of your athletic career so far?

MC: The highlight of my athletic career at Woodward was being able to win three region championships in a row. I wish we could have gotten our fourth this year, but the Coronavirus has prevented that from happening. I will always look back on those those championships and remember the celebrations at Druid Hills and our home field. 

WEW: Are you staying soccer-ready in quarantine? If so, what’s your training regimen?

MC: Yes! In quarantine I have been making sure to go on runs and also work out in my basement. When I have time, I make sure to go out in the afternoon to a field down the street and shoot as well as work on some technical skills. 

WEW: What are your plans for college? Do you intend to continue your soccer career?

MC: I do plan on continuing my athletic career in college. After taking a gap year, I’m planning on going to play soccer at the University of Vermont starting in the fall of 2021. 

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