Finn Gosch is a two-sport athlete, excelling both on the tennis court and at the clay target range. This year, he and the boys tennis team won the region championship. He spoke with us about that, and more.


How exciting was it to be part of a region champion tennis team this year?

It was very exciting to be a part of a region champion team. At the beginning of the season the team made goals for what we wanted to accomplish, and being region champions was at the top of the list. We worked very hard to accomplish this goal and when we did, I, along with everybody on the team, was ecstatic.

When did you get started playing tennis? Is it something you’ll want to continue to play in college?

I started playing tennis when I was around 6 years old. My mom signed me up for 1 week of tennis camp and on the last day I loved it so much I begged my mom to sign me up for the whole summer. Although I am not going to play tennis for a college, I will always play tennis.

What made you want to compete on the clay targets team? Is there a different way you approach clay target competitions in comparison to how you approach tennis competitions?

I love the outdoors and I enjoy shooting guns, too, so when I heard about the opportunity to be on the Clay Target team, I jumped at it, because it was something I loved to do and it would also make me a much better shooter. The Clay Target team and the Tennis team are similar in a few ways but very different in others. For both, you have to make quick decisions and be able to perform based on those decisions. You have to be concentrated on what you are doing, but also careful of your surroundings. The difference is the repetition in shooting vs. the unpredictability of the other player in tennis. Shooting is also an ondividual sport where you are competing for your personal best, whereas tennis is competing to win the match for your team.

What are your goals for next year in terms of both tennis and clay targets?

My goals for tennis are to win as many matches I can and be the best player and leader I can be. Also, I want to make it to the state championship. For Clay Target, I want to be top 3 in as many competitions as I can be in, be top 3 in the state championship meet in Savannah,  and also be top 3 in the state for skeet, trap, and/or sporting clays.

Have you started to look at colleges? What are you looking for in a school? Are there any that stand out right now?

I have started to look at colleges. I want a school that is big, but not terribly big, and also has a small town. I have visited many colleges and plan on visiting a couple more. So far, I really like Auburn.