It was an incredible year for track athlete Alex Potts, who set a Woodward record in the pole vault and is poised for a big 2017-18 campaign. She talked with us about her goals for next season and more.

When did you start competing in pole vault? What drew you to that event specifically?

I started pole vault freshman year. I was a gymnast for about 10 years and once the track coaches found that out, they all suggested that I try pole vault. I really enjoyed it right from the beginning because it’s just really fun to do!

What was your favorite athletic experience this year?

My favorite athletic experience would have to be last summer when I competed at New Balance Nationals. It was my first really big meet, and even though I was in a lower division I had the time of my life and I actually jumped really well.

How does it feel to be in the Woodward record books for pole vaulting?

When I actually think about it, it’s kind of weird to me that I’ve jumped the highest of any girl that has ever jumped at Woodward. I’ve only been vaulting for less than 3 years, so it’s weird for me to think that in that short amount of time I am actually jumping this well.

What are your goals for next season? Down the road?

This summer season I hope to jump 4.20 meters. I usually set seasonal goals, and I try not to think too far in the future, because situations change often. I definitely know that I want to vault in college, and I’ll see where my vaulting takes me after that!

Have you started the college applications process? What schools interest you at this point?

I feel like even though my senior year hasn’t even started, I am well into the college process. I’ve already been emailing college coaches and letting them know that I’m interested in their program. As of now, I don’t really have a top college choice, but a few that I’m interested in are the University of Miami, Duke, and Stanford.