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Q&A with AnaSimon Guillaume, senior track & field star athlete

We sat down with track athlete and senior AnaSimone Guillaume to talk about her final season in a Woodward uniform and her goals for the future.

Woodward Magazine: When did you get started with track and field? What drew you to it as a sport?

AnaSimone Guillaume: I started track and field in Middle School. I had just stopped doing gymnastics and started cheer, but I also wanted to do a spring sport. I was introduced to track by my dad, who went to college on a track scholarship. I decided to try the sport to see if I could be as good or even better. I tried many events, but ultimately decided that hurdles and jumping are my best events.

WM: What are your goals for this upcoming track season? What’s your favorite event, and do you have any specific times/distances you’re trying to hit this year?

AG: My goals for this upcoming track season are to run a low 14 seconds in the 100 meter hurdles, jump 19 feet in the long jump, and run the 200 meter in 25 seconds. My favorite events are the 100 meter hurdles and long jump.

WM: Looking back at your time at Woodward, what are you most proud of, both on the field and off?

AG: I am most proud of being able to win regions for a second time in the 100 meter hurdles and making it to the state championships during my junior year. I am also proud of receiving the Gold Eagle award during my junior year.

WM: What has the college search process been like for you? Have you decided on a school yet?

AG: The college process has been very long, but has been a lot easier during the second semester. I have not decided which college I am going to yet.

WM: Do you want to continue to participate in track and field in college?

AG: I plan on continuing track in college, but I have not decided whether I will go to college on a track scholarship or an academic one.

WM: How does it feel to be heading into your final few months at Woodward? What are the emotions like? 

AG: I am very excited to graduate and go to college, but I am also nervous about living on my own and becoming an actual adult. I will definitely miss my friends.

WM: What are your goals for the future? What are you planning on majoring in once you get to college?

AG: I plan on majoring in biology, although it depends on what college I go to. I also plan to go to either medical or dental school.

​After this interview was completed, AnaSimone went on to win the Long Jump and 100m Hurdles at the Region Championship, and she has decided to attend Spelman College.