Girls Basketball Watch

Led by two seniors, the Woodward’s varsity girls basketball team enjoyed a good run this season.

The team finished third in the region and continued Woodward’s long-standing tradition of making it to the state playoffs. Their run came to an end in the first round of the state playoffs versus Hardaway High, but it was still a very successful season; not because of their record, but because of the work the girls put in every day. They had a no-quit attitude — some games saw the team down by double digits, but the girls rarely let the score affect their play. They played as hard as they could for themselves and for each other every game.

Granted, it was not easy; it was a fairly young team with new additions, so they did have to work their way through a few growing pains, re-establish chemistry, and get everyone to buy into the fact that they truly are “Stronger Together” and “Together, Stronger” (the girls’ motto for the season). But when they all got on the same page, they were extremely coachable and a joy to be around, both on and off the court. The War Eagles will most certainly miss their two seniors, Clara Snell and Hannah Lovett, both of whom are leaving a legacy of hard work and teamwork behind, but if the remaining players continue to strengthen their bond and enhance their skills, the future is very bright for the girls basketball program.

Woodward Academy Girls Basketball Varsity Team 2018-2019 School Year
2018-19 Girls Varsity Basketball Team

2018-19 Girls Varsity Basketball Roster

1Anna Wylder9
3MacKenzie Moring9
5Savannah Simms10
10Reilly Morgan9
12Kennedie Mosley9
15Maddy Cronin11
20Zoe Scott9
22Grace Hall9
23Hannah Lovett12
30Clara Snell12
31Sydney Bowles9
33Lea Bourne9