Esports Woodward Academy Watch

The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) added eSports to their official list of sanctioned programs in 2018-19 and Woodward Academy participated in season one. 

The eSports program, one of the fastest growing sports across high schools and colleges, provided a few different game options, with Woodward choosing to compete in League of Legends.  League of Legends is a cooperative battle arena game with five players working together per team. There was a total of 81 different teams in this inaugural year. Woodward Academy fielded three different teams, Eagle One, Eagle Two, and Eagle Three, and after completing the regular season competition schedule, Eagle One was tied for 1st with Lambert High School. Eagle One and Eagle Two both advanced to the State Playoffs, where Eagle One finished 3rd overall and Eagle Two finished 14th. The team featured an enthusiastic group excited to represent Woodward Academy in this new program. 

2018-19 Woodward Academy eSports Team
2018-19 Woodward Academy eSports Team

2018-19 Varsity E-Sports Roster 

Ben Carrington10
Luke Carrington10
Jeb Davis9
Julia Dickson-Lah10
Samuel Jung9
Tommy Lafiandra12
Jaylin Mae11
Tyler Mayer9
John McLeod10
David Morris12
Ethan Patel11
Ross Reid10
Patrick Spillane11
Wes Work11
Aaron Yu9
Colin Yu10
Edward Zhang10
Harry Zhao11
Derek Zhou12