Student Athlete Watch
Interview with Woodward Academy Student Eric Malever

Rising junior Eric Malever is one of the top student-athletes at Woodward, balancing his academic work with his time on the lacrosse team. Eric has already committed to play lacrosse at the University of Maryland, and he talked with us about that and more recently.

War Eagle Watch: How do you feel this season went for you and the lacrosse team?

Eric Malever: The season went very well for me and the team. We accomplished goals that, as a program, Woodward has never achieved, like winning the region championship and going past the first round in the playoffs. Personally, I feel that I had a good season that I would not have been able to have without my teammates. I was named an All-American and first team All-State, which was very exciting.

WEW: How did you get involved with lacrosse initially? Were there other sports you tried first as a kid, or were you always drawn to lacrosse?

EM: Initially, some friends came over one day with a stick and I picked it up. I really liked it and started playing frequently, which eventually became every day. I eventually got lessons with some of the best coaches in the nation that helped me with the basics, and gave me the base to push my game to the next level. As a kid, I loved to play other sports like baseball and basketball. I played basketball all the way up until freshman year of high school, and gave up baseball when I started playing lacrosse back when I was about 9.

WEW: You’ve already committed to Maryland to play lacrosse — what made you decide to make such an early decision? What did you like about Maryland?

EM: As I went on my tours of colleges to places like the University of North Carolina, Johns Hopkins University, and Denver University to find the perfect match for me, I wanted the full package — best lacrosse, academics, coaching staff, facilities, etc. When I toured Maryland, I just got that early feel that I was at home. They welcomed me very quickly and I knew exactly where I wanted to go. Usually people have trouble making decisions of choosing between their top three, but this one was quite easy.

WEW: What are your goals for the remaining two seasons at Woodward?

EM: My goals for the remaining two seasons at Woodward are simple: to win a ring, or even two.

WEW: What has been your favorite part of being at Woodward, just generally?

EM: My favorite part of being at Woodward is how well Woodward allows you to balance your school work with your athletics. It makes it a whole lot easier to work on my lacrosse game outside the classroom.